Theater: "Twelfth Night" (performed by Actors From The London Stage)

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Location: Washington Hall (View on map )

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Mistaken identities, disguises, love triangles: Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night sees the great playwright blending his comic and dramatic devices with masterful dexterity. Even now, its riches entertain and delight, with some of Shakespeare’s most famed language bolstered by deeper, richer currents of love, desire, grief, and transformation. Twelfth Night is a deliriously enjoyable romantic comedy not to be missed. 

Twelfth Night is brought to Notre Dame stages by Actors From The London Stage, the dynamic, self-directed five-actor ensemble that tours the United States twice yearly. With each actor portraying multiple roles, Twelfth Night promises to be a fast-paced, wildly entertaining night at the theatre. 


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