Submit an Event

Faculty and staff: to submit an event, go to the Events list on your Conductor site and select "Request Import" on the right-hand side (under "Actions") of the individual event you want to submit, and then select or type in  "". Click the "Submit Event for Import" button. It wil be sent to the administrator for approval.

If you do not have a Conductor site, contact to be added to the Conductor sharing site:, where you can create and submit an event.

Before submitting a public event, check the website to see if it has already been entered, especially if the event is co-sponsored by multiple academic departments or student clubs/groups.

Be sure to include the following in the Content section of your event:

  1. Event URL
  2. Room number
  3. Contact information: (e.g.: Department name; phone number; email; department URL.)
  4. Who your audience is (students, faculty, staff, the public?)

Thank you.