USA and World Twirling Championships: America's Youth on Parade

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Location: Joyce Center (View on map )

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You are invited to America's Youth on Parade, baton twirling's most prestigious event of the year. There's no twirling spectacular quite like AYOP. It brings together the best baton twirlers, teams and corps in the world for a series of National and World Open Championship contests — all under one umbrella. It can be appropriately called the "World Series of Baton Twirling."  AYOP events are sanctioned by the NBTA International. 

See the week's schedule.

AYOP provides twirlers and twirling enthusiasts the opportunity to make new friends and renew old acquaintances while engaging in a host of important solo twirling and group twirling competitions. It truly sets the pace for the world of competitive twirling!