Presentation — "The Best of Indian Cities: From Food to Travel"


Location: Bond Hall 334

Do you know why Indians travel? Or, how Indians actually pick their travel destination? You would think it is done by the virtue of the destination’s landscape, its history, and beauty, but the truth is quite different. A recent study...

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Russian Language Table


Location: Decio Hall

Are you studying Russian? Are you looking for a new language to learn? Russia has a fascinating culture, and learning Russian can help you to experience that complex and beautiful culture. In the Russian language tables (sponsored by the Department...

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2 Ciudad De Cochabamba

Presentation — "Cochabamba: The City of Eternal Spring"


Location: Bond Hall 334

Cochabamba, known as the City of Eternal Spring or "The Garden City", is centrally located in Bolivia in the valley of the Andes mountains. It is a place of particular cultural interest not just for the food, but for its...

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English Conversation Table


Location: LaFortune

The English Conversation Table (ECT — formerly English Language Table) is a bi-monthly opportunity to practice English with both native and non-native speakers and to make some new friends in the process. It is free and open to anyone at Notre Dame....

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119 Caff E Biscotti 600 X 400

Caffè e Biscotti


Location: Decio Commons

Please join us for an hour of caffè, biscotti e conversazione where you are welcome to meet and practice your Italian with members of the Italian Program, Italophones, Italophiles, and people with an appreciation for all things Italian. All are...

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