Arts of Dignity Series — "Singing the Story of American Workers: A Concert with Folk Musician Tom Breiding"


Location: Washington Hall

Arts Of Dignity H Rgb S

The Center for Social Concerns is proud to kick off our annual Arts of Dignity series for 2022–23 with Tom Breiding, a singer-songwriter long engaged with the labor movement and environmental justice in Appalachia. 

More about Tom

Many would say that country music as well as the broader Americana genre are the musical heart and soul of our nation, but singer/songwriter (and working rock guitarist) Tom Breiding has been creating a sub-genre of Americana for decades. A celebrated writer, Breiding focuses on the true heart and soul of America: our laborers and union members. Hailing from West Virginia, a state with a large populous of mine workers and laborers, Breiding has shared an intense artistic connection with the working class heroes of the United States, most especially United Mine Workers of America.

Arts of Dignity

This now annual series will focus on how the arts provide ways of concretely experiencing the dignity of people and cultures marginalized by various forms of injustice. 

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