Engaged Learning Forum — "Finding Common Ground: Promoting a Just Wage Economy Through Mediation"


Location: Geddes Hall, Coffee House

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The discussion of workplace economics has long been a stressor on the relationship between labor and management from the frontlines to the executive suites. What role do employers have in providing reasonable compensation, appropriate benefits, and a dignified quality of life for their workers? What role do workers have in contributing to the growth and fiscal health of the overall organization? How do employees and management show respect for the commitment and perspective of the other stakeholder? Answering these questions requires introspection, research, patience, humility, and consideration. It is the job of the labor mediator to guide the parties through this process, to examine the merits (and flaws) of their own perspective and to truly consider the merits of the other point of view. Humanizing this discussion is challenging, because of marching orders, overpromising, politics, and ambition. This forum is designed to engage thoughts on how to humanize the economic discussion and examine tools to assist in that effort.

Register by Tuesday, April 19, to attend.


About the series: The Engaged Learning Forum series aims to advance the Center for Social Concerns' approach to practicing Catholic social teaching through community-engaged research, teaching, and learning. See the whole series here.