Voting Rights Reform: A View of the US and Perspectives from Europe


Location: Hesburgh Center Auditorium (View on map )


In this first event of the Kellogg Institute's Democracy and Civil Discourse series, two U.S. scholars with broad expertise in electoral law will present their contrasting views on voting rights reform in the United States. Rebecca Green (College of William and Mary) and Derek Muller (University of Iowa) will be joined by judge Oliver Kask, chair of the Venice Commission's Council for Democratic Elections and expert in European voting issues. Moderated by Paolo Carozza, this civil discourse promises to be a lively conversation about crucial issues facing democracy in the U.S. today. More information here.

In the Kellogg tradition, events in the Democracy and Civil Discourse series convene scholars and practitioners with divergent views to engage in civil discourse with one another and with an engaged audience, discussing crucial questions related to the health and quality of democracy and bringing international and comparative perspectives to bear on the subjects.