EdTalk — "The Power of Feedback: Maximizing the Time You Have With Your Students"


Location: Online via Zoom

**UPDATE** — The time for this event has been changed from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m.

The role of feedback is critical to advancing language proficiency. In this EdTalk, Lauren Rosen, director of the Collaborative Language Program at the University of Wisconsin, will share techniques to save time when providing feedback to students.

About Lauren

Lauren is a specialist in the areas of language learning pedagogy and the integration of technology in learning. She provides consultations and workshops on distance learning methodology for language instruction. Her specializations include developing blended learning models and the use of classroom-based videoconferencing and web technologies. Her focus is on building community and connected learning while fostering the ACTFL World Languages 21st Century Skills.

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Originally published at cslc.nd.edu.