Webinar: "Using Evidence to Engage the Private Sector"


Location: Online Zoom Webinar

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Are you looking for evidence to inform your development work with the private sector?

Join the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Pulte Institute for Global Development for an informative webinar introducing the new Private Sector Engagement (PSE) Evidence Gap Map

Created in alignment with USAID’s PSE Evidence and Learning Plan, this interactive, visual tool allows users to explore the evidence on PSE by region, country, technical sector, industry, type of enterprise, and type of document. Rather than being a static, one-off audit of what evidence exists, it’s a living resource that will be continuously updated with the latest evidence on PSE.

This webinar will provide participants with:

  • A background on evidence-building for PSE and how it contributes to USAID’s Self Reliance Learning Agenda 
  • An interactive demonstration of the tool, including a live case study from a USAID implementing partner 
  • Opportunities to collaborate with the team to help fill ‘evidence gaps’

Speakers include Paul Perrin, Pulte Institute Director of Evidence and Learning, and Kathy Rostkowski, USAID PSE Evidence & Learning Team Lead.

USAID technical staff, program designers, and implementing partners are encouraged to attend this highlight interactive and informative webinar. This event may also be of interest to private sector employees seeking to engage in development work.

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Originally published at pulte.nd.edu.