One Poem Festival for Migrant Justice


Location: Notre Dame Center for Arts and Culture, 1045 W. Washington Street, downtown South Bend

On September 4th, more than forty poetry readings will take place around the United States to raise funds for Immigrant Families Together:

The Notre Dame Center for Art and Culture hosts “One Poem Festival for Migrant Justice,” featuring poets from various South Bend communities, including ND’s Creative Writing Program, ND’s Institute for Latino Studies, Indiana University-South Bend, and Saint Mary’s College.  

Featuring: Francisco Aragón, Benjamin Balthaser, Delanie Beach, Sebastian Bostwick, Alexandra Calleros, Krista Cox, David Dodd Lee, Olivia Hershberger, Therese Konopelski, Rebecca Lehmann, Sade Lanay, Audrey Lindemann, Joyelle McSweeney, Orlando Ricardo Menes, Brandon Menke, Chamara Moore, Misael Osorio-Conde, Valerie Vargas, Austin Veldman, and Nick Wort.   

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