SPI Policy Forum: "The Mental Health Epidemic in Higher Education and How to Support Students and Faculty"


Location: Room 116, O’Shaughnessy Hall (View on map )

Mental health is in crisis. Studies in Research Policy show student depression rates from 15% to 46%, compared to 6.7% in American adults. The problem even continues into later career stages where recently a tenured Princeton economist died by suicide. Clearly, better mental health policy is needed which fit into the Americans with Disabilities Act and current law. Join us and Annette Eaton and Scott Howland from the Care and Wellness Consultants and Sara Bea Disability Services as we address the mental health epidemic in higher education and what policies best support student and faculty success.
Pizza and light refreshments will be served.

SPI's monthly policy forum meeting open to all, students and faculty of all academic levels as well as local community members. Food and light refreshments will be served.

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