Second Annual Byzantine Postdoctoral Fellowship Workshop: "New Sources of the Self and Self-Determination: Paradigms from Byzantium and the Medieval West"


Location: Medieval Institute Main Reading Room (Hesburgh Library 715) (View on map )

As part of its new Byzantine Studies Postdoctoral Fellowship, the Medieval Institute will offer a workshop with each Fellow, organized within the framework of the Byzantine Studies Seminar and treating the fellow’s subject matter. Senior scholars, chosen in cooperation with the Medieval Institute, will be invited for this event and will discuss draft versions of the Fellow’s book manuscript or articles or discuss the further development of ongoing research projects.

This spring, senior scholars Prof. Paul Blowers (Milligan College) and Prof. Thérèse Cory (Notre Dame) and will be joining our 2018-19 Byzantine Fellow, Demetrios Harper.

The workshop includes lunch. Please reserve your spot and select your lunch by Monday, April 22, 2019. (Note: If you have difficulty with this form, please sign out of your email/browser, clear your cache, and try again.)

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