Been & Seen Discussion Series: "Listening to Uganda"


Location: Geddes Hall, Coffee House (View on map )

Experience can teach us important lessons in a way no classroom can offer; when people “go places and meet people,” they will have stories to tell and insights to share. The Been and Seen Series provides a format for students and faculty to talk about what they have seen and learned within the course of their research or an immersion trip.

Join us for  “Listening to Uganda,” where we will explore what it means to engage in the art of listening. What do we do when we “listen?” Can we listen to “the cry of the earth” and “the cry of the poor?” How painful is it, if it is at all possible? And what is the role and place of listening in the understanding and realization of the common good? This presentation and discussion will be led by graduate students; it will address these questions against the background of a spring break immersion experience in Uganda dedicated to encounter and listening (and the ecology of the common good). Lunch will be served. RSVP required by Thursday, March 28.

Sponsored by the Center for Social Concerns.

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