Digital Humanities Research Institute South Bend Speaker Series


Location: Saint Mary’s Cushwa-Leighton Library, Mother Pauline Room



Please join us for a talk titled, “Slow Work and STEAHMpunk: Instructional Design in Digital Humanities” presented by Elizabeth Hopwood, Assistant Director of the Center for Textual Studies and Digital Humanities at Loyola University Chicago.

This talk will discuss some of the practical issues that arise out of on-the-ground interdisciplinary, collaborative Digital Humanities work. Issues—of infrastructure, labor practices, ethics, or knowledge work—often attend new and burgeoning projects, leading to frustration. I argue that we might reframe such issues as productive touchstones upon which the glorious messiness of humanities and the fascinating fuzziness of computer science converge. By way of a case study, I’ll discuss a current project called STEAHMpunk — a project that responds both to the growing divide of women in tech and to the disciplinary divides between the Humanities and the Sciences. STEAHMpunk infuses the Arts and Humanities into STEM by a refocus on instructional design, pedagogy, and collaborative teaching circles within feminist coding spaces.

Other Events in This Series

Tuesday, February 19 | 5:00pm – 6:15pm
Notre Dame Hesburgh Library, Scholars Lounge

“The Path of Most Resistance: Embracing ‘Messy’ Humanities Data and Unpolished Projects”by Brandon Locke


Wednesday, February 20 | Noon – 1:30pm
Notre Dame Hesburgh Library, Scholars Lounge

Round Table & Luncheon: “Ethics of Data Collection and Labor in DH Projects” with Brandon Locke, Elizabeth Hopwood, and Mark Graves.
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Sponsored by: Hesburgh Libraries, Navari Family Center for Digital Scholarship, Saint Mary’s College, Indiana Humanities, Digital Humanities Research Institute

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