Lecture: "Improving Healthcare in America with Health Information Technology — The Technology is the Easy Part"


Location: E378 Corbett Family Hall (View on map )

Paul Uhrig, Chief Administrative Officer, Surescripts

As Acting CEO of Surescripts in 2014, led the Company though a leadership transition, exceeded all corporate goals, created new brand story, and re-contracted with customers accounting for majority of the company’s revenues. Currently responsible for the P&L and operations of CDT 30030, Technology as a Profession Surescripts’ wholly-owned subsidiary, Surescripts Enterprise Services, operating an e-prescribing application, patient portal, and automated clinical messaging technology. Also responsible for Surescripts’ internal information operations and systems, legal, governmental and regulatory affairs, privacy and security, external affairs, internal audit and compliance, product certification policy and compliance, acquisitions and joint ventures. Previously responsible for finance and human resources as well. Passionate about health information technology and how it can eliminate cost, improve health outcomes, and maximize provider and patient experiences. Mr. Urhig holds a BA in Economics from the University of Notre Dame and a law degree from American University.

Pre-talk Readings:
“A Quest to Gather All My Medical Records in 72 hrs.” available at https://drive.google.com/open?id=1g_hxXVgcDxAEQl7dSAjU3xNxYkr0AEtZ

“What It Will Take To Achieve The As-Yet-Unfulfilled Promises Of Health Information
Technology” available at https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Zpd9myoqGxJnOLzHx4XkmJeD3vR545Re

“Proven Technology Can Help Healthcare Professionals Fight the Opioid Epidemic” available at https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mAc_2CT3RQOfGAxMIjYSPWpZDe2DxSdt/view?usp=sharing

Originally published at cdt.nd.edu.