Work in Progress: "Thinking about Salvation: The Contribution of the Afro-Cuban Writer Alejo Carpentier to a Contemporary Soteriology"



Ángela Pérez Jijena
LANACC research visitor, in residence at Kellogg from January to May 2018

This work-in-progress will discuss three dimensions of my ongoing dissertation work on Alejo Carpentier and theology: 1.) the understanding of doctrine and its relationship to the pre-understanding of salvation in theology and life; 2.) the understanding of salvation that can be drawn from modern and contemporary literature in Latin America and the Caribbean; and 3.) the synthesis or new reality that can emerge when one attempts to see if the “logos” of theology and the “logos” of literature can be brought into one another with respect to the concept of “salvation.”Work-in-progress sessions are designed to generate in-depth discussion of new scholarly work. For the pre-circulated paper and to attend, register with

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