Voice Teaching Masterclasses


Location: LaBar Recital Hall, O'Neill Hall of Music (View on map )

David Jones Voice Teaching Masterclasses

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Guest Vocal Pedagogy Residency

O’Neill Hall of Music, University of Notre Dame

Wednesday, April 4, 4-6 PM, LaBar Recital Hall 

Thursday, April 5, 4-6 PM, LaBar Performance Hall

Sponsored by the Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts, College of Arts and Letters, the Department of Music, and the Graduate Program in Sacred Music, University of Notre Dame

David L. Jones, author of the new book “A Modern Guide to Old World Singing,” is one of the finest voice technicians in the United States. His understanding of the Old World training of the voice, and his knowledge of vocal science have worked together to enlighten and inspire teachers internationally. He performs master classes for the training of teachers, teaches privately in New York and Amsterdam, and has been a guest professor presenting master classes at various institutions of learning in the United States and Europe.

Originally published at music.nd.edu.