Seminar: "Words Don't Lie, but People Do: Secrets of Linguistic Lie Detection" 


Location: Notre Dame Conference Center (McKenna Hall) (View on map )

The Michiana Chapter of the IIA (Institute of Internal Auditors) will host a one day seminar (8 CPE's) with Nejolla Korris, CEO of InterVeritas International. 

Learn techniques used by FBI profilers. Gathering truthful information is an integral part of any corporate environment. How important is it for us to learn the truth from our employees, managers, and clients? This overview presents how linguistic lie detection is used in business, audit, and investigative areas to help you become more effective in all your business communications. As a session participant, you will learn the basics of information gathering and how to interpret the information you receive. The event is $350 (for non-members) which includes lunch and snacks. To register, go to: