Ethics Week Lecture: Alex Liggins and Alex Sejdinaj, Co-Founders, South Bend Code School; Brian Kubicki, General Counsel, Gibson


Location: Stayer Center for Executive Education (View on map )

This year’s ETHICS WEEK Theme is Lead Local, Lead Global.  We’ve tried to focus on individuals and organizations from the ND/local community who are living out the founding vision for the college of business. As Cardinal O’Hara wrote in 1923, "The primary function of commerce is service to man-kind. Business has a code of ethics based very largely on divine principles. When this code is followed, commerce can and does advance civilization.” We’re interested in individuals and organizations who strive toward: 

  • Individual Integrity
  • Effective Organizations
  • The Greater Good 

ETHICS WEEK is sponsored by the Mendoza College of Business and the Notre Dame Deloitte Center for Ethical Leadership.  The lectures are free and open to Mendoza students, faculty, staff, and the entire Notre Dame and South Bend communities.

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