Lecture: "Welfare or Work? Deservingness and the Politics of Public Assistance in Europe and the United States"


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Lecture with Sigrun Kahl
Assistant Professor of Political Science and Sociology
Yale University

Sigrun Kahl is visiting assistant professor of political science and sociology at Yale University, where she coleads the MacMillan Center Initiative on Religion, Politics, and Society. She studies how long-term historical factors such as religion shape current policies and institutions addressing the "least among us"-the poor, the socially excluded, the long-term unemployed, and the least capable.

She is completing two book manuscripts: "Just Deserts: The Moral Economy of Public Assistance in Europe and the United States" develops a theory of the welfare state as a system of reciprocity and examines public assistance's historical development and cross-national variation across seven countries since the 18th century. "Poverty and Eternity: How Religion Shapes Provision for the Poor, from Early Church to Modern Welfare States" posits that societies' responses to poverty originate in their religious legacies: what modern governments do to save the poor from a life of deprivation depends on what early modern Catholics, Calvinists, and Lutherans believed about who was saved in the afterlife-the rich or the poor.

Kahl holds a PhD in sociology from Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany.

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