Special hours at the Snite Museum of Art (Civil Rights Photography)


Location: Snite Museum of Art (View on map )

After the MLK Celebration Luncheon, stop by the Snite Museum to explore photographs of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and critical moments of the Civil Rights Movement. The photographs reflect the movement's participants’ struggle, courage, and hopefulness. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. described this dynamic as having the faith “to rise from the fatigue of despair to the buoyancy of hope” in his October 1963 speech on the Notre Dame campus. Decades later these photographs continue to resonate with, in the words of Dr. King, “the challenges we face” in the ongoing pursuit of a more just society. 

These works of art by celebrated photographers dedicated to recording history in the making — including Charles Moore, Dan Budnik, Danny Lyon, and others — will be on temporary view as part of the University's Walk the Walk Week events.