Higgins Lunchtime Labor RAPS: "Deregulating Desire: Flight Attendant Activism, Family Politics, and Workplace Justice"


Location: Geddes Hall, Coffee House (View on map )

Ryan Murphy, assistant professor of History, Earlham College, and author of Deregulating Desire (Temple University Press, 2016), winner of the Organization of  American Historians’ David Montgomery Award for the best book on a topic in American labor and working-class history, 2017. Cosponsored by the Gender Studies Program.

Higgins Lunchtime Labor RAPS (Research, Advocacy, & Policy Series) feature experts—scholars, activists, and policymakers—exploring the past, present, and future of work, in the U.S. and beyond.

All Notre Dame community members are welcome, and lunch is provided for those who RSVP


Originally published at conductorshare.nd.edu.