Kellogg International Scholars Program Application Deadline

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Freshmen can apply to join a group of intellectually motivated students who serve as paid research assistants to faculty.

The Kellogg Institute for International Studies offers selected students the opportunity to pursue international studies with guidance from Kellogg faculty fellows. The program is designed to bring highly talented and intellectually motivated students with an interest in international issues into the activities of the Institute. The Program involves a series of activities to involve its student scholars in a much more in-depth study of international issues than they would normally be exposed to in their departmental major.

The program allows students after their freshman year to develop their research skills by working as a research assistant with various faculty members associated with the Kellogg Institute. Students spend their sophomore year working with one or two assigned Kellogg faculty fellows assisting those fellows in scholarly research. During this time, students focus on developing their research skills and gain a greater understanding of their own research interests. In the junior year, students continue to work as a research assistant to a faculty fellow and begin to develop the details for their senior thesis. Students also have the opportunity to apply for summer grants of up to $5000 to cover expenses as they begin their thesis research in the summer after their junior year. (see

Finally, in the senior year, students write a senior thesis on an international issue under the direction of a Notre Dame faculty member.

Kellogg International Scholars not only have direct access to Kellogg faculty fellows but also to Kellogg events. The Institute hosts prominent scholars and politicians from around the world through its lecture series and conferences. Special opportunities for International Scholars to meet with Kellogg visitors and fellows are made available through dinners and meetings.

Kellogg International Scholars are compensated for the research they conduct for fellows. As a research assistant to a faculty fellow, students have the opportunity to work up to 225 hours per year, for which they are paid a stipend of $8.32 per hour. This rate is above the normal student rate and will increase in each year the student works with a fellow. Hours are scheduled with the Kellogg faculty member to whom the student is assigned so that all hours can be scheduled around classes. Some of these hours may be worked over the summer.

Program Selection

Each year, a limited number of students will be selected for this program through a highly selective process. Faculty recommendations, student interests, and academic records will all contribute to the selection process. Priority will be given to applicants who have already identified, and been recommended by, a Kellogg faculty fellow with whom they would like to work. Interested students should contact Associate Director Holly Rivers ( with questions about the program


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