Higgins Film CLASSics : "Blue Collar" (1978)


Location: DeBartolo Performing Arts Center, Browning Cinema


About the film: "Blue Collar" (1978)

Paul Schrader's directorial debut, Blue Collar explores the resignation, pessimism, and economic hard times confronting American workers in the late 1970s, a labor parallel to the post-Watergate political films characteristic of Hollywood in the same years. Through the perspectives of three male autoworkers — one white and two black — the movie raises troubling questions about corporations, unions, cities, masculinity, racism, and the American dream in the context of the hangover following the longest economic boom in US history.

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About the Series

The Higgins Labor Program's FILM CLASSics series features important films — at least one per semester — that probe questions of work, class, economics, identity, politics, daily life, and solidarity. Whether old or new, celebrated or obscure, famous or forgotten, these titles merit presentations in a social setting and on a big screen. 

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