Lecture: "Mothers of the Civil Rights Movement"


Location: via Zoom


Building an Anti-Racist Vocabulary

Join the Klau Center for Civil and Human Rights as Anna Malaika Tubbs, advocate, educator, and author of The Three Mothers: How the Mothers of Martin Luther King, Jr, Malcolm X, and James Baldwin Shaped a Nation, explores how three extraordinary women influenced the history of civil rights in the US.

Anna Malaika Tubbs has written on topics ranging from the forced sterilization of Black women, the importance of feminism, intersectionality, and inclusivity. Her work has been featured in TIME Magazine, the Huffington Post, For Harriet, Darling Magazine, and Blavity.

Building an Anti-Racist Vocabulary is a weekly lecture series presenting preeminent scholars, thought leaders, and public intellectuals to guide our community through topics necessary to a deeper understanding of systemic racism and racial justice.

Lectures are available to the Notre Dame community via Zoom. Registration with a valid nd.edu or alumni.nd.edu is required.

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