Engaged Learning Forum: "The Just Wage Initiative: Enlisting Stakeholders in Search of the Common Good at Work"


Location: Geddes Hall, Coffee House

Dan Graff, Ph.D., Director, Higgins Labor Program, Center for Social Concerns
Kelli Reagan Hickey, Research Associate, Center for Social Concerns

"What makes any given wage just or unjust?" That's the foundational question a group of scholars and students at Notre Dame set out to answer, and they've come up with a new Just Wage Framework and Online Tool.

Join us for a presentation by members of the Just Wage Working Group—Dan Graff, Director of the Higgins Labor Program, and Kelli Reagan Hickey, Research Associate at the Center for Social Concerns—as well as responses by representatives from community organizations that serve and/or advocate for low-income and vulnerable workers in our area.

Designed to engage stakeholders from across the economic spectrum, the Just Wage Initiative promotes discernment and dialogue in the hopes of fostering a fairer, more inclusive economy. In that spirit, we welcome feedback on its applicability and usefulness to businesses, workers, labor unions, and non-profit groups. 

Please be aware that Notre Dame has a mask policy requiring everyone at large gatherings to wear masks while in person and inside. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 

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