18th annual LOGAN’s In-person and Virtual Run


Location: Starting from White Field (View on map )

Logan S Run2021

If any LOGAN event symbolizes its mission in action, it’s the Run! We celebrate every person crossing the finish line — be they in a wheelchair, walking with braces, or running without restriction.

Your participation in this event is an opportunity to get out and run for a great cause. You will help us raise awareness about what we do at LOGAN, supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities so they may achieve their desired quality of life. So grab a friend, and encourage them to participate with you!

LOGAN’s Run combines fun and fitness … energy and effort with the end result being a celebration of everyone’s ability.  

Sponsor, volunteer, donate or participate through these links: https://runsignup.com/Race/IN/SouthBend/LogansRun and https://www.logancenter.org/special-events/loganrun/.