Conversations on Poverty & Inequality: The Power of Social Entrepreneurship

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Location: Online Zoom Webinar

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Join us for a new enrichment series examining the transformative potential of social entrepreneurship and its relationship with poverty and the private sector. Hosted in partnership by the Pulte Institute for Global Development and the McKenna Center for Human Development and Global Business, this series will feature live discussions with faculty and entrepreneurs who will provide examples of how social entrepreneurship can change the world.

The three-part series, hosted by ThinkND, will be held on Wednesdays at 11:30 a.m. EDT beginning on February 10 and ending on February 24.


Session 1: The Transformative Potential of Social Entrepreneurship (2/10)
What IS social entrepreneurship? The first session of our series will help you get familiar with the concept of social entrepreneurship, why it is gaining popularity in some communities and sparking controversy in others. We’ll see some unique examples of how social entrepreneurs are changing the world and what Notre Dame is doing to foster this mindset within its students.

Session 2: Can entrepreneurship help to reduce poverty? (2/17)
Building on the foundation from week 1, this session will give you a deeper dive into the relationship between poverty and entrepreneurship. Local and global entrepreneurs will help us to explore how social entrepreneurship can increase wealth and resilience in communities worldwide -- and what you can do to help.

Session 3: Engaging the Private Sector to Maximize Community Impact (2/24)
How can the private sector contribute to poverty alleviation and community impact? Why should business leaders care about poverty? This final session will discuss the importance of the private sector in development, the difference between corporate social responsibility and responsible and inclusive business models, and how business engagement can benefit communities to help maximize impact. 

The Power of Social Entrepreneurship series will include a combination of short faculty presentations, guest panel insight, and lively group discussion via weekly interactive Zoom sessions.  This is the first debut of the larger “Conversations on Poverty and Inequality” program from the Pulte Institute, which aims to host relevant themed series in the future. 

The program is free and open to all and it is hosted exclusively on ThinkND, Notre Dame’s open, online learning community. For more information, visit 


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