The Big Draw: The Snite Sketches

Location: Snite Museum of Art (View on

Artists have been sketching in museums for centuries — using the practice to develop their skills and learn from the artists that came before them. The practice isn't just for artists though. Sketching is a great way to unwind, shift your mental gears, and see works of art more clearly and more deeply. This month in celebration of The Big Draw, the world’s largest celebration of drawing that takes place across the globe, spend some time sketching works of art from the Snite Museum’s collections. Visit the link for your on-campus or remote participation options.

For our sketching friends on campus
This coming week during our open hours grab a few sheets of blank paper and a pencil and head over to the museum to find your favorite work of art to sketch or explore a bit and discover a new work to spend time with.

For our sketching friends off campus
Every Saturday this month we’ll be sharing a sampling of works from the museum for your at-home sketching pleasure.