Workshop: "Standing Out in the Digital Age: Building YOUR Professional Website"


Location: Duncan Student Center (512)

It is rare to see a link to a professional website on the top of a resume or curriculum vitae. In a world that shares most information through the internet, why hasn’t a professional website become the norm when applying to opportunities? Is it because it isn’t seen as an effective way to share qualifications, or is it because most people aren’t aware or don’t take the time to develop their online presence? In this workshop, attendees will learn how to build a comprehensive website from scratch using FREE resources such as Weebly in order to stand out in an application pool and build connections through networking. Participants will also have the opportunity to provide feedback to Graduate Career Services on their NEW website layout and content structure in order to create a more user-friendly experience. Bringing a laptop is recommended but not required. Food will be provided.

The workshop will also be a great way for students to prepare for the 3MT Competition taking place during the winter/spring semester. Participants in the 3MT have 3 minutes to pitch their dissertation research to a general audience. Developing a robust website can aid in the development of your pitch and help you to explore WHY YOUR RESEARCH MATTERS.

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