Discussion: "Collecting Art with a Purpose: Building Transformative Collections of African American Art"


Location: Annenberg Auditorium

Pamela Joyner, entrepreneur and art collector, and Elliot Perry, retired NBA player and art collector, will discuss their visions and methods for building mission-driven private collections of African American art. Both collectors are committed to breaking barriers: one rewriting art history, the other laying the groundwork for collecting in the NBA. Their conversation about working with artists, the art market, and art institutions to transform the traditional art historical narrative will be moderated by Corey Robinson, former Notre Dame student-athlete and current Sotheby’s associate.

This event is organized in support the exhibition "Solidary & Solitary: The Joyner/Giuffrida Collection," currently on view through Dec. 15.

Originally published at sniteartmuseum.nd.edu.