Postgraduate Organization Information Session: Casa de Esperanza de los Ninos


Location: Gedde Hall, Coffee House (View on map )

Casa De Esperanza Logo

Nicole Kim, ND ‘15 (Music, Pre-Professional) will be promoting Casa de Esperanza de los Ninos, an organization that does residential foster care for children ages 0–6 who have been affected by abuse and neglect, HIV/AIDS, and other traumas. Casa de Esperanza is seeking recent graduates of all genders to do a year of service in their residential program, where they will live with 3–4 other interns and help raise 4–5 children. Casa is an organization great for any major and career aspiration. We learn a lot about child development, help our children receive speech, physical, and occupational therapies, bring our children to doctors, have weekly music classes, have a weekly teacher come in, and much more. Casa also has opportunities to interact with case managers, parents, and staff to generate plans of service, advocate for the child to their child protective services’ caseworker, and speak to attorney ad litems for the children.


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