A Madrasa Discourses Panel: "Science and Religion as Partners in Peace?"


Location: Hesburgh Center Auditorium

Madrasa Panel

A Madrasa Discourses panel discussion featuring: 

Salman Hameed
Charles Taylor Chair and Associate Professor of Integrated Science and Humanities, School of Cognitive Science, Hampshire College

Ebrahim Moosa
Professor of Islamic Studies, Keough School of Global Affairs

Mahan Mirza
Professor of the Practice, Kroc Institute

Maura Ryan
John Cardinal O’Hara, C.S.C. Associate Professor of Christian Ethics, Department of Theology


Islamic Science and Technology ( Nikos Niotis, Flickr)

This panel explores the relationship between science, religion, and peace. Our accelerating ability to manipulate the natural world, and ourselves, gives us tremendous power. But do we know how to responsibly wield that power? Religion can be a guide, but it can also be a menace. Can science give us peace if it is itself value neutral? Can religion give us peace if it is out of touch with new realities that science is unveiling for us?

Participating online will be faculty and students in the Madrasa Discourses program in India and Pakistan.

Supported by the Templeton Foundation

Originally published at kroc.nd.edu.