Research Seminar: "Unlearn Fear + Hate: Community Engagement through the Arts"


Location: Geddes Hall Coffee House (View on map )

Unlearnfear Hate

In this research seminar, Kurt Gohde and Kremena Todorova will demonstrate the different manifestations of Unlearn Fear + Hate as artwork, including the concept of community as artwork (how people become part of a community by becoming part of an artwork). In this context, artwork can be seen as a vehicle for people to connect and transcend self as much as a means of individual expression. They will also describe how Transylvania University adopted and integrated Unlearn Fear + Hate on a university-wide basis. By incorporating literature, art, and members of the community themselves, Unlearn Fear + Hate promotes discussion and listening in the hopes that we can overcome perceived differences and intolerances within our society. Read more.

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